SSC GD Recruitment 2024 Exam Canceled – RE EXAM Date Released

SSC GD Recruitment 2024 Exam Canceled – Vacancy was released for SSC GD exam by the Staff Selection Commission. Vacancy was released for a total of 26,146 posts for which the application process was over. The exam was conducted from 20 February 2024 to 12 March 2024.

A total of 81 center exams have been cancelled. Children will be re-examed. For this, separate exam centers will be determined and the new exam date will be announced.

New exam center and new exam date has been officially released.

Re-exam of total 16185 children will be conducted, most of these centers are included in CR region. Technical problem has been cited as the reason for cancellation of the exam by SSC.


SSC GD Recruitment 2024 New Exam Date

The re-exam will be held on 30 March for all the candidates whose exam has been rescheduled. The list of such venues along with the date/shift of the exam is provided here.

Sl No.Venue NameRegionCityDateShiftNo. of Candidate
1Allenhouse Informatics CenterCRKanpur5-3-20242126
2Allenhouse Informatics CenterCRKanpur7-3-20244132
3Allenhouse Information CentreCRKanpur6-3-20242124
4ARYA MAHILA PG COLLEGECRVaranasi24-02-20241177
5ARYA MAHILA PG COLLEGECRVaranasi20-02-20241178
6ARYA MAHILA PG COLLEGECRVaranasi6-3-20244170
7ARYA MAHILA PG COLLEGECRVaranasi20-02-20243192
8Basudev Digital CenterCRLucknow6-3-20244239
9BR Online ServicesCRLucknow6-3-20244211
10BRD College RoorkeeCRRoorkee6-3-20244118
11BRD College RoorkeeCRRoorkee6-3-20242122
12City Degree College Of Management & TechnologyCRRoorkee6-3-2024467
13City Law CollegeCRLucknow6-3-20242220
14Dewa Mahila MahavidyalayaCRVaranasi6-3-20244357
15Dewa Mahila MahavidyalayaCRVaranasi29-02-20244379
16Digitrack IT ServicesCRVaranasi6-3-20244205
17Examit Infotech Private LimitedCRPatna21-02-20243160
18G.B InfotechCRAgra6-3-20244273
19Gyanoday Technical InstituteCRPrayagraj6-3-20244165
20iCreate Solutions ICSNRDehradun6-3-2024466
21iDZ LahowalNERDibrugarh6-3-20242175
22iDZ Model Village, NaharlangunNERItanagar6-3-2024273
23Ikon DigitalCRPatna5-3-20241113
24Institute of Hardware Networking And Communication
Center Sarnath
25Institute of Hardware Networking And Communication
Center Sarnath
26iON Digital Zone iDZ – 2 Mandi Samiti RoadCRMuzaffarn agar6-3-20244155
27iON Digital Zone iDZ – 2 Mandi Samiti RoadCRMuzaffarn agar22-02-20242147
28iON Digital Zone iDZ Mandi Samiti RoadCRMuzaffarn agar22-02-20242157
29iON Digital Zone iDZ Mandi Samiti RoadCRMuzaffarn agar6-3-20244140
30iON Digital Zone iDZ
1 Bhauti
31iON Digital Zone iDZ
1 Bhauti
32iON Digital Zone iDZ
2 Duhai
33iON Digital Zone iDZ
2 Duhai
34iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad28-02-20243235
35iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad24-02-20244242
36iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad26-02-20241237
37iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad28-02-20242245
38iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad29-02-20244245
39iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad28-02-20244259
40iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad1-3-20242249
41iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad29-02-20241241
42iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad24-02-20243247
43iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad1-3-20243245
44iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad20-02-20241201
45iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad27-02-20241228
46iON Digital Zone iDZ 2 DuhaiNRGhaziabad24-02-20241230
47iON Digital Zone iDZ HazaribaghERHazaribag h5-3-20244143
48iON Digital Zone iDZ JalalpurCRPatna21-02-20244343
49iON Digital Zone iDZ JalalpurCRPatna22-02-20241331
50iON Digital Zone iDZ SallahapurCRPrayagraj22-02-20242178
51iON Digital Zone iDZ SallahapurCRPrayagraj22-02-20243160
52Maa Santoshi Computers Private LimitedCRPatna5-3-20243242
53Maa Santoshi Computers Private LimitedCRPatna5-3-20244257
54Madhu Vachaspati Inter CollegeCRPrayagraj6-3-20244164
55Madhu Vachaspati Inter CollegeCRPrayagraj6-3-20242159
56MIT MeerutCRMeerut1-3-20241150
57MIT MeerutCRMeerut6-3-20244149
58MIT MeerutCRMeerut1-3-20242156
59MIT MeerutCRMeerut21-02-20241140
60MIT MeerutCRMeerut1-3-20244164
61MIT MeerutCRMeerut20-02-20244148
62MIT MeerutCRMeerut21-02-20244149
63MIT MeerutCRMeerut20-02-20243147
64MIT MeerutCRMeerut1-3-20243152
65MIT MeerutCRMeerut20-02-20242151
66Bharat Institute of TechnologyCRMeerut1-3-20241323
67Bharat Institute of TechnologyCRMeerut1-3-20242321
68Bharat Institute of TechnologyCRMeerut1-3-20243323
69Bharat Institute of TechnologyCRMeerut1-3-20244330
70New Age TechnologiesCRKanpur6-3-20244378
71Omtech SolutionsWRAhemdaba d6-3-20242107
72Pawan Ganga Educational Centre 1NRNew Delhi6-3-20243484
Institute Of Engineering And Technology – Mac
74Shree Ganesh InnovativeCRGaya6-3-20242190
75Shree Ganesh InnovativeCRGaya1-3-20241196
76Shree Ganesh InnovativeCRGaya1-3-20242189
77Shree Ganesh InnovativeCRGaya6-3-20244190
78Shri Ganesh College of IT & ManagementCRPrayagraj6-3-20244131
79SINCO LEARNING CENTERCRLucknow6-3-20244166
80SINCO LEARNING CENTERCRLucknow5-3-20244168
81SINCO LEARNING CENTRECRLucknow6-3-20242160



  • 81 centres का Exam हुआ रद्द
  • कुल 16,185 बच्चों का कराया जाएगा Re EXAM
  • इनमें अधिकतर Centre CR Region के शामिल
  • SSC ने बताया रद्द का कारण Tecnical Problem
  • NEW EXAM DATE 30 मार्च 2024
  • दुबारा आएगा Admit Card
  • Re Exam का मौका सिर्फ उन्हें मिलेगा जो Exam में appear हुए होंगे.
  • Answer key में लगेगा अभी और समय .

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