SSC GD Question Paper 2024 Today Out – Shift 1 & 2 Exam Difficulty Level, Questions, Expected Cut Off – Questions with Answer Key PDF

SSC GD Question Paper 2024 Today Out – SSC GD vacancy was released by the Staff Selection Commission, the exam was taken today on 20th February 2024, so let us know what type of questions were asked in today’s exam and what was the level of the questions. All the information will be given to you on this post SSC. GD Shift 1 exam was started at 10:00 AM

In SSC GD Constable Question Paper, 80 questions were asked for 160 marks. In this, questions came from General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Knowledge and General Awareness, English, Hindi and Elementary Mathematics subjects. 1 hour time was given for the exam and there is negative marking process. was also

The exam started at 9:00 and ended at 10:00.

SSC GD Constable Exam 2024 Shift Timings

ShiftsReporting TimeExam Time
Shift 17.45 AM9.00 AM – 10.00 AM
Shift 210.30 PM11.45 AM-12.45 PM
Shift 31.15 PM2.30 PM-3.30 PM
Shift 44.00 PM5.15 PM-6.15 PM
SubjectGood AttemptsDifficulty Level
General Intelligence and Reasoning14-16Easy to Moderate
General Knowledge and General Awareness10-12Moderate
Elementary Mathematics11-13Easy to Moderate
English/ Hindi15-17Easy
Overall60-65Easy to Moderate

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 Good Attempts- 20th Feb Shift 1

SubjectQuestionsGood Attempts
General Intelligence and Reasoning2015-17
General Awareness and General Knowledge2010-13
Elementary Mathematics2012-14

SSC GD Constable Difficulty Level

SectionsDifficulty level (Shift 1)Difficulty level (Shift 2)
General Intelligence & ReasoningEasyEasy
General KnowledgeEasy to ModerateEasy to Moderate
Elementary MathematicsEasyEasy to Moderate

SSC GD Constable 2024 Good Attempts

SectionsGood Attempts (Shift 1)Good Attempts (Shift 2)
General Intelligence & Reasoning17-1816-18
General Knowledge11-1211-12
Elementary Mathematics13-1513-14

SSC GD Constable Analysis 2024 Elementary Mathematics

TopicsSSC GD Questions Asked (Shift 1)SSC GD Questions Asked (Shift 2)
SI & CI22-3
Profit & Loss11
Ratio & Proportion11-2
Number System11-2
Time and Work21-2
Time, Speed, and Distance32
Coordinate Geometry (2D & 3D)22-3

SSC GD Constable Exam Analysis 2024 Reasoning

TopicsNumber of Questions Asked (Shift 1)Number of Questions Asked (Shift 2)
Blood Relation12
Coding-Decoding2-3 2-3
Dictionary Order11
Hidden Figure11
Sitting Arrangement23
Mirror Image10-1
Counting Triangle10-1
Mathematical Operation10-1
Paper Folding10-1

SSC GD Constable 2024 Analysis for English/Hindi

TopicsNumber of Questions Asked (Shift 1)Number of Questions Asked (Shift 2)
Reading comprehension55
Synonyms1 (Kamal)1-2
Sentence correction2
Idioms & Phrases1

General Knowledge Question

  • Who is the 10th Guru of Sikhs?
  • Mohininattam Dance Form belongs to which state?
  • One question from Article 44 UCC
  • One question from 2nd Panipath War
  • Bangra Nagal Pariyogna related one question
  • One question from Jan Dhan Yojana
  • INC first session
  • Who was Myanmar’s president at the time of India independence?

SSC GD Shift I February 20, 2024 Question

SSC GD Question Paper 2024
SSC GD Constable 2024 Analysis for English/Hindi

SSC GD Exam Analysis 2024 – 20 Feb (Shift 2) Difficulty Level

SubjectGood AttemptsDifficulty Level
General Intelligence and Reasoning15-17Easy to Moderate
General Knowledge and General Awareness9-11Easy to Moderate
Elementary Mathematics13-15Easy to Moderate
English/ Hindi14-16Easy
Overall58-63Easy to Moderate

SSC GD Shift II February 20, 2024 Question

SSC GD Constable 2024 Analysis for English/Hindi
SSC GD Constable 2024 Analysis for English/Hindi
SSC GD Constable 2024 Analysis for English/Hindi

SSC GD Question Paper 2024 Today (Feb 20) – Check Memory-based Questions & Answers

SSC GD questions and answers asked in the today exam.

1. First Female Chairman of Indian Railway Board

Answer: The Cabinet Appointments Committee appointed Jaya Varma Sinha as the Chairperson and CEO of the Railway Board. She is the first female to be appointed to the apex post of Indian Railways.

2. Santiniketan in UNESCO World Heritage Site

Answer: Santiniketan, founded by Rabindranath Tagore, was officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2023. Santiniketan is located in West Bengal. It is the 41st in India and the fifth in Bengal to make it to the World Heritage Site list.

3. Article 24 of the Indian Constitution

Answer: Article 24 of the Indian Constitution prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 in any factory, industry or mines.

4. Article 34 of the Indian Constitution

Answer: Article 34 of the Indian Constitution imposes restrictions on fundamental rights while martial law is in force in any area of India.

5. Second Battle of Panipat

Answer: The Second Battle of Panipat took place on November 5, 1556. The battel was fought between forces of Hindu King Hemu and the army of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The battle was won by Akbar’s generals Khan Zaman I and Bairam Khan.

6. Mohiniyattam Dance form

Answer: Mohiniyattam is an Indian classical dance form which originates from the state of Kerala. 

7. Bhakra Nangal Project

Answer: The Bhakra Nangal project is the Asia’s second tallest dam which is located on the borders of Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. The Bhakra Nangal dam is built on the Sutlej River in Himachal Pradesh and Bhakra Village near Bilaspur. This dam makes the Gobind Sagar reservoir.

8. 10th Guru of Sikh

Answer: Guru Gobind Singh was the 10th Guru of Sikh and also the last of Sikh Gurus. Just before his death in in 1708, he declared Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture, as the future guru. He was the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur and introduced the Khalsa and the ‘five Ks’.

9. Battel of Buxar

Answer: The Battle of Buxar was fought between the British East India Company and an alliance of Indian states on October 22 and 23, 1764. The battle marked the beginning of British rule in India.

10. Agneepath Yojana

Answer: Agneepath Yojana was announced on June 16, 2022. Under this scheme, soldiers below the rank of commissioned officers are recruited in the three armed forces- Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy as ‘Agniveer’.

11. Chairman of Niti Aayog

Answer: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the present Chairman of Niti Aayog. The seating Prime Minister of India is the Chairman of Niti Aayog.

12. Hampi

Answer: Hampi is located in the state of Karnataka, India. It was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architectural ruins.

13. Oldest dance form in India

Answer: The oldest dance form in India is Bharatanatyam.

14. Odissi dance form

Answer: Odissi is a classical India dance from the state of Odisha. It is considered a dance of love that touches on the human and the divine aspects of life.

15. First Battle of Tarain

Answer: The First Battle of Tarain was fought in 1191 wherein Prithviraj Chauhan won against Muhammad Ghori.

16. Vector Quantity

Answer: A vector quantity is a quantity that has magnitude and direction. Examples of vector quantities are displacement, force, acceleration, momentum, weight, current, the velocity of light, a gravitational field, etc.

17. Which Article related to High Court

Answer: Articles 214 to 231 of the Indian Constitution talk about the High Court, their organisation and powers. Article 214 calls for the constitution of the High Court in each State.

18. 86th Amendment of Indian Constitution

Answer: The 86th Amendment of the Indian Constitution added that the state will provide free and compulsory education to all children between six to 14 years of age. This amendment added the provision of Fundamental Right of a child to free and compulsory education.

19. First Sahitya Akademi Award 

Answer: Pandit Makhanlal Chaturvedi received the first Sahitya Akademi Award in 1955 for his work Him Tarangini in Hindi.

20. World Press Freedom Index

Answer: In the World Press Freedom Index 2023, India ranked 161st among the 180 countries with a score of 36.62. The index was published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

SSC GD Expected Cut Off 2024

CategoryExpected Cut-Off Marks
UR (General)140-150

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