100+ Important Dates Of Indian History


2500-1500 : Indus valley civilization

1200-600 : Vedic Era

563 : Birth of Gautam Buddha; Nirvana 483 B.C.

540 : Birth of Mahavir; Nirvana 468 B.C

327-326 : Alexander invasion of India

321 : Rise of Maurya Dynasty

273-232 : Ashok’s Reign

58 : Beginning of Vikrama Era


78-120 : Saka Era

320-540 : Gupta dynasty – the golden age of Hindu India

399-414 : visit of Fahien (Chinese traveller)

606-647 : Harsh Vardhan reign; visit of Hiuen-Tsang -Chinese traveller

750 : Pal dynasty founded by Gopal

753 : Rise of Rashtrakuta Empire

846 : Vijyalaya founded chola dynasty

1001 : First invasion of India by Mahmud of ghazni

1192 : Mohammad Gauri defeated Prithviraj Chauhan at tarain

1206 : Qutab-ud-din establishes slave dynasty

1211 : Accession of iltutmish

1221 : Chengiz Khan invades India

1265 : Accession of Balban

1290 : Khilji dynasty takes over in Delhi

1320 : Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq established Tughlaq dynasty

1336 : Rise of Vijayanagar Empire

1398 : Timur Lang invades India

1469 : Birth of Guru Nanak founder of Sikhism

1498 : Discovery of sea- route to India by Vasco-da-Gama

1526 : First battle of Panipat; Babur founded the Mughal Empire

1530 : Accession of Humayun

1540-55 : Sur Empire

1556 : Akbar ascends the throne

1565 : Battle of Talikota and destruction of Vijayanagar

1576 : Battle of Haldighati and defeat of Rana Pratap

1600 : East India company established

1605 : Accession of Jahangir

1628 : Accession of Shahjahan

1658-1707 : Reign of Aurangzeb; beginning of the end of the Mughal Empire

1739 : Nadir Shah invaded India

1757 : Battle of Plassey, establishment of British political rule in India

1761 : Third battle of Panipat

1764 : Battle of Buxar

1835 : Macaulay recommended English to be the medium of instruction

1853 : First railway line open in India

1857 : Indian Mutiny for independence; Kolkata, Mumbai and Madras Universities founded

1858 : British crown takes over the administration of India

1869 : Birth of Mahatma Gandhi

1885 : Indian National Congress founded

1889 : Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru born Nov. 14

1905 : Partition of Bengal

1911 : Transfer of capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi

1919 : Jallianwala Bagh tragedy 13 April

1920 : Non Cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi

1928 : Simon commission boycotted

1929 : resolution for Purna Swaraj passed at the Lahore Congress under the president of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru

1930 : Dandi March, first round table conference

1931 : Irwin Gandhi pact second round table conference

1932 : Third round table conference in London

1937 : Provincial autonomy; Congress accepted ministries in provinces

1942 : Arrival of cripps in India; quit India resolution passed by congress

1943-44 : Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose forms Azad Hind fauj

1947 : Division of India – India and Pakistan form into separate independent dominions

1948 : Mahatma Gandhi assassinated Jan 30

1950 : Indian constitution signed and adopted; India became a sovereign democratic republic; Death of sardar Patel

1951 : first five year plan started

1952 : First general elections in the country

1956 : States reorganisation act, India divided into 14 states and 6 union territories

1961 : The Portuguese possessions in Goa, Daman and Diu liberated december 18

1962 : China’s massive invasion of India October 20; emergency declared by the president October 26

1964 : Death of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru May 24

1965 : Pakistan attack the Indian territory at Kutch April 24

1966 : Tashkent agreement sign January 10; Lal Bahadur Shastri died at Tashkent January 11; Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India January 24; Indian currency devalued June 6; new states of Punjab and Haryana came into being November 1

1969 : 14 big banks nationalised; Congress divided

1971 : General insurance nationalised; millions of Bangladesh refuses pour into Indo Pak war; emergency declared Dhaka liberated by Indian forces

1972 : General insurance nationalised; millions of Bangladesh refuses for into India-Pak War ; emergency declared December 3; Manipur and Tripura became States; Mizoram Arunachal Pradesh became to new union territories; Shimla agreement

1973 : 24th amendment to the constitution empowering parliament to amend any part of the constitution including the fundamental rights held valid by the supreme court

1974 : India explodes nuclear device May 18

1975 : Sikkim became full fledged state of India; first Indian satellite aryabhatt launched;emergency declared due to internal disturbances; SITE launched

1977 : Janata party founded; 6 general elections Congress routed, first eve non-Congress government install at the centre

1978 : high denomination currency demonetized ; Indira Gandhi farms Congress

1979 : second satellite bhaskara launched; morarji Desai resigns as prime minister; Jayaprakash Narayan dead

1980 : Massive win of Congress won in midterm polls; Indira Gandhi again became the prime minister; six more commercial banks nationalised

1982 : 9th asiad held in New Delhi

1984 : Rakesh Sharma became first Indian to go into space through joint Indo Soviet space mission; Metrorail commences operation in Kolkata; Assassination of Indira Gandhi

1988 : bill to reduce voting age to 18 passed by parliament

1989 : India successfully launched Agni; testing of surface to surface missile Prithvi successful; VP Singh sworn in as prime minister

1990 : VP Singh government voted out of power; Chandrashekhar sworn in as PM

1991 : pm Rajiv Gandhi assassinated; PV Narsimha Rao sworn in as India’s ninth PM

1992 : Narsimha Rao elected Congress President; SD Sharma elected ninth president of India; Structure of Babri masjid in Ayodhya demolished

1993 : Autonomy for bodo areas; OBC job quota of 27% effective

1994 : panchayati Raj act came into force; new telecom policy,allowing private session for basic telephone services announced

1995 : Ban on sale of human organs; INSAT-2C launched into orbit; IRS-1C put into orbit

1996 : Android project reviewed; atal Bihari Vajpayee became PM;popular government install in Jammu and Kashmir

1997 : Rocket Pinaka test fired successfully; I.K. Gujarat look over as India’s 13th PM; INSAT-2D launched successfully; Shri KR Narayanan was sworn in as president of India; INSAT-2D abandoned

1998 : India conducts nuclear test; successful test flight of pilotless training aircraft; formation of six-member national security council

1999 : PM Vajpayee’s bus trip to Lahore;India armed forces start operation Vijay against Pakistani armed intruders crossing LOC in Kargil sector ; cyclone devastates Odisha and West Bengal

2000 : INSAT-3B launch from kourou; Jharkhand state Bill passed by rajya sabha; Viswanathan Anand became FIDE World chess championship

2001 : Nishant india’s unmanned aerial vehicle test flown; GSLV-D1 launched; Terrorist attack on parliament, all five militants killed

2002 : Mob attack train in Gujarat, 58 died; doctor APJ Abdul Kalam sworn in as 12th president; metro train service started in New Delhi

2003 : Supersonic anti ship cruise missile brahmos test fired successfully;GSLV-D2 launched; India launches INSAT-3E from Kourou in French Guiana

2004 : Russian aircraft carrier ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ deal ;Maj RS Rathore got India its first individual silver in Athens Olympic;South coastal India hit by earthquake Tsunami

2005 : 28 states introduced VAT regime; Rural job Bill passed in LS

2006 : state Assam changed its name to Asom; India, US inked Nuclear deal; India successfully carried out the first test of a cryogenic rocket engine

2007 : the tajmahal has been voted as one of the new 7 wonders of the world;India clinched the inaugural ICC World twenty-20 championship

2008 : Abhinav Bindra won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing for 10 metre air rifle event; Moon mission chandrayaan 1 lifted off successfully into its initial orbit

2009 : Brahmos cruise missile successfully test-fired; Manmohan Singh took oath as PM for 2nd term; dolphin declared National aquatic animal

2010 : women Bill passed in rajya sabha; rupee symbol ‘₹’ cleared by cabinet; XIX commonwealth games held in New Delhi

2011 : India joined the UN security council as non permanent member; results of census 2011 released; India won world cup cricket 2011; Sebastian Vettel won first Indian grand prix

2012 : India became 6 nation to have a nuclear submarine; supreme court scraps UPA’s illigal 2G spectrum sale; Pranab Mukherjee sworn-in as new President; China ready to resolve border issue with India

2013 : Afzal Guru hanged in Tihar Jail; Manipur, Meghalaya Tripura get high courts;direct benefit transfer for LPG scheme launched in 18 districts of India; centre notifies food security law

2014 : Prez Signs Lokpal Bill; Narendra Modi takes oath as India’s 15th PM; Telangana became 29th state of India; Bharat Ratna for atal Bihari Vajpayee and madan Mohan Malviya

2015 : NITI Aayog replaced planning commission with PM its Head

2016 : new Juvenile justice act comes in force; PM inaugurates make in India centre in Mumbai;India conduct surgical strike along LOC in POK; Modi’s magical hit on black money 500 rupee 1000 rupee notes withdrawn; Tamilnadu CM J. Jayalalithaa passes away

2017 : Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in Bengaluru; ramnath kovind sworn in as 14th president; M. Venkaiah Naidu sworn in as 13th vice President of India; India won Asia Cup hockey tournament; Manushi Chillar won the Miss World 2017 title

2018 : ISRO successful launches navigation satellite IRNSS-1; HD Kumaraswamy takes oath as Karnataka CM; J&K under Governor rule; India now sixth biggest economy; pips France; former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee passes away; PM launches India post payment Bank; Ranjan Gogoi takes oath as 46th chief justice of India

2019 : PM inaugurates 106th Indian science Congress in Jalandhar; 10% EWS quota in jobs; education comes into effect; 15th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention 2019 inaugurated in Varanasi; India bombs Jaish camp in Pakistan’s balakot; lok sabha polls-2019 program declared; Narendra Modi took oath as the prime minister for a second term; finance minister Nirmala sitharaman presents her maiden budget in parliament; moon mission chandrayaan 2 lifted of successfully into its orbit; article 370 scrapped,J&K loses its special status; LS parsis history bill on 2 new UTs in J&K.

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