90 Important Questions related to Vedic Civilization very Important for All Competitive Exams

1.Which civilization emerged in India after the fall of Harappan civilization?
Answer-Vedic Civilization

2. Why is Vedic civilization called Aryan civilization?
Answer- Because its creator was Arya

3. Who were the Aryans?
Answer- The discoverer of post-Vedic civilization

4. Where was the abode of Arya?
Answer- North-Central Asia

5. What type of civilization was the Vedic civilization?
Answer- north rural civilization

6. What is the time period of the Vedic period?
Answer – 1500 BC to 600 BC

7. Why is the Vedic period called by the name Vedic?
Answer- Because the Vedas were composed in this

8. What is the meaning of Arya?
Answer – best

9. Who was the builder of Vedic civilization?
Answer – Arya

10. What is the scripture of Aryans called?
Answer – Vedas

11. From where does the knowledge about the civilizational culture of the Aryans come from?
Answer – Rigveda

12. Who were the Indo Aryans?
Answer- Aryans who settled in India from Central Asia

13. Where did the Indo Aryans first come and settle in India?
Answer- North in Punjab

14. How many types of Vedas are there?
Answer – 4

15. What is the oldest Veda?
Answer – Rigveda

16. In which language the Vedas have been written?
Answer – Sanskrit

17. What is the meaning of Veda?
Answer – Knowledge, purity and spiritual knowledge

18. Which metal was discovered by the Aryans?
Answer – Iron

19. What was the main occupation of the Aryans?
Answer – Animal Husbandry

20. On the bank of which river was the Veda composed?
Answer – Saraswati river

21. Which language did the Aryans speak?
Answer – Sanskrit

22. What is Vedanga?
Answer – part of the Veda

23. Who was the favorite deity of Vedic civilization?
Answer – Indra

24. Which animal did the Aryans bring with them to India?
Answer- north horse

25. Which was the holy river of Aryans?
Answer – Saraswati

26. Which was the most important river in the Vedic period?
Answer – Indus

27. The description of the code of conduct of the Vedic civilization is found in
Answer – memory

28. Whose position was important after the king in the Rig Vedic period?
Answer- north priest

29. What was the tax collected by the people in the Vedic period called?
Answer – Sacrifice

30. How many Puranas are there?
Answer- 18

31. What was the Vedic god Indra the god of?
Answer- Rain and storm

32. What is an Upanishad?
Answer- A source of Hindu philosophy

33. To whom is the Shatapath Brahmin related?
Answer – Yajurveda

34. Where was the ornament called Nishka worn during the Rig Vedic period?
Answer- north neck

35. Who is considered the God of war in Rigveda?
Answer – Indra

36. What was the staple food of the Vedic Aryans?
Answer- Milk and its products

37. What else is the Mahabharata called?
Answer– Jai Samhita

38. Which Veda describes music?
Answer– Samaveda

39. To whom is the Gayatri Mantra dedicated?
Answer– Savitri

40. In which Veda it is said that “War begins in the mind of men”?
Answer – Atharvaveda

41. To whom is one-fourth of the mantras of the Rigveda Samhita dedicated?
Answer- Indra

42. What does the word Veda mean?
Answer – Knowledge

43. Which metal was first used by the people of Vedic civilization?
Answer – Copper

44. On what was the varna system based in the Vedic period?
Answer- on business

45. Which European first called the Aryans a race?
Answer – Max Muller

46. Where was the oldest settlement of Aryan tribe?
Answer – Sapta Sindhu

47. From where is the word Satyamev Jayate taken?
Answer – Mundakopanishad

48. From where is Gayatri Mantra taken?
Answer – Rigveda

49. What is the Rigvedic name of river Ravi?
Answer – Purushani

50. In which period was the Vedic literature composed?
Answer – Between 3500 BC to 2500 BC

51. In which Veda religious rituals are described?
Answer – Yajurveda

52. According to whom the origin of Aryans is Tibet?
Answer – Dayanand Saraswati

53. According to Bal Gangadhar Tilak, where is the place of origin of kings?
Answer- north north pole

54. On the banks of which river did the Vedic civilization develop in India?
Answer – Saraswati river

55. What was the meaning of Gopati in Vedic period?
Answer – Lord of the cows

56. How many Vedangas are there?
Answer – 6

57. What is a collection of Vedic hymns or mantras called?
Answer – Code

58. How many mandalas are there in Rigveda?
Answer – 10

59. How many hymns are there in Rigveda?
Answer – 1028

60. Which Mandala of Rigveda is dedicated to Soma Devta?
Answer – Ninth Division

61. What is the most important text of Vedic Mathematics?
Answer – Suluva Sutra

62. Who is called the God of Medicine in Ayurveda?
Answer – Dhanvantari

63. The people of Vedic civilization did not have knowledge of which crop?
Answer – Tobacco

64. Manusmriti is a book related to what?
Answer – Law

65. What was the tax collected by the king from the public in the Vedic age called?
Answer – Sacrifice

66. Who is the first grammarian of Sanskrit language?
Answer – Panini

67. In which Veda the sacrificial sutras are described?
Answer – Yajurveda

68. What is the source of Hindu philosophy?
Answer – Upanishads

69. What is the meaning of the word Upanishad?
Answer – sit close

70. Who is the author of Panchatantra?
Answer – Vishnu Sharma

71. Which Veda describes about the culture of ancient Vedic age?
Answer – Rigveda

72. In which mandala of Rigveda is the mention of Shudra found?
Answer- tenth

73. What is the main form of property in Rigveda?
Answer – Godhan

74. Which is the main text of Krishna Bhakti?
Answer – Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

75. Who is the first law maker?
Answer – Manu

76. Where did the Aryans first settle in India?
Answer- North in Punjab

77. Asato Ma Sadgamaya is taken from which Veda?
Answer – Rigveda

78. For whom is the word Purandar used in Rigveda?
Answer – Indra

79. How many Puranas are there?
Answer- 18

80. Which is the most mentioned river in Vedic literature?
Answer – Indus

81. With which subject is the book Charaka Samhita related?
Answer – Medicine

82. Which Veda’s compilation is based on Rigveda?
Answer – Samaveda

83. What was called Yava in the Vedic period?
Answer – Barley

84. Which Brahmanical text is the oldest?
Answer – Shatapath Brahmin

85. “Sabha and Samiti were two daughters of Prajapati” is mentioned in which Veda?
Answer – Atharvaveda

86. Witchcraft is described in which Veda?
Answer – Atharvaveda

87. Which is the oldest Purana?
Answer – Matsya Purana

88. Which is the oldest memory?
Answer – Manusmriti

89. Who is the author of Ashtadhyai?
Answer – Panini

90. In the Rigveda the word Aghanya is used for?
Answer – Cow

91. Who composed the Gayatri Mantra?
Answer – Vishwamitra

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