Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023 Shift 1

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023 – Shift 1 exam conducted by Indian Air Force on 13 October 2023 has been successfully completed. On this post you will get complete information about IF Agni Veer Exam Analysis 2023.

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023

CategoryCentral Government
Vacancies Details3500+
Exam Date13th October 2023
Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023Released

Let us know what was the level of any exam in shift One. On the basis of subject, here you are told how difficult the exam was.

SectionDifficulty Level (Shift 1)
General EnglishEasy
General KnowledgeEasy to Moderate
PhysicsEasy to Moderate
OverallEasy to Moderate

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023- Good Attempts

Let us know how well the students have attempted on the basis of level. 65 to 70% students have completed the exam well.

SectionGood Attempts
Other than Science37-40
Science and Other than Science66-70

Indian Army Airforce Agniveer English Subject

Reading Comprehension3
Correct Spelt1
Error Detection1
Jumbled Sentence1
Active & Passive1
Idioms & Phrases1
Fill in the Blanks8

Indian Army Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023 – Physics Subject

Physical World and Measurement1
Kinematics & Law of Motion2
Work , Energy & Power1
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body1
Kinetic Theory of Gases1
Oscillation and Waves2
Current Electricity2
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism3
Electromagnetic Wave2
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation1
Atoms & Nuclei1

Indian Army Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023 – Mathematics Subject

Set , Relations and Functions2
Trignometric Functions1
Three Dimensional Geometry1
Straight Lines2
Sequences & Series2
Relation & Functions1
Permutation & Combination2
Trignometric Equation3
Differential Equation1
Definite Integral2
Continuity & Differentiability1
Complex Number & Quadric Equation2

Indian Army Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023 – Reasoning and General Awareness

Verbal Reasoning7
Non Verbal Reasoning6
Advance Mathematics4
Indian Polity1
Current Affairs2

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Pattern 2023

Subjects NameTime
Science Subjects60 minutes
Other Than Science Subjects45 minutes
English, Physics and Mathematics 85 minutes
Subjects NameQuestions Deatils
General English QuestionSynonym question for the merciful word
Antonym for the lethargic word
Error detection question for a few patience
Direct to Indirect: I wrote a book
Meaning of Pessimist
Concept of “Many A”
Active to Passive: Eating Apples
Question-related to Conditional Sentence
General Knowledge QuestionWho received the Arjun Award in 2023?
CM of Karnataka
Second largest Planet
Rajyasabha related questions
Bharat Kokila
China Currency
Questions Related to Sports
Reasoning QuestionThe question related to the Clock was the Mirror Image
Question-related to Number Series
The question related to Distance and Direction was Triplet
The question was about Reverse Coding
Mathematic QuestionThe question related to the Profit and Loss
Question-related to Cylinder
The question related to the Number of Series
The question was about Gapping
Questions related to Time, Speed, and Distance
Physics QuestionQuestions were related to SMH
Questions were related to Kepler’s 2nd Law
The question was related to Angular Momentum/Moment of Inertia
The question was related toCos theta
The question was related to the Spring Force
The question was related to the Coefficient of Restitution
The question was related to Carnot
The question was related to Sin Theta

Questions asked on 14th October (All Shifts)

  • When was Pradhanmantri Yojana Released? Ans- 18 Feb 2016
  • Who received Major Dhayanchand Award in 2022? Ans- Sharad Kamal
  • Why is black board black in colour?
  • Why did Mahatma Gandhi started Champaran movement?
  • When was Manrega started? Ans- 02 Oct 2009
  • Quection based on number series, logical order.
  • Antonym of Eternal.
  • Verb form of expensive. Ans- Expend
  • Mis spelt word for Examplary?
  • Idioms and Phrases for Black and White?

If we talk about Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Analysis then the questions of 2023 shift 1 exam were very difficult, this time the cut off will be much less because many students say that the questions were asked very hard but some students also Those who have attended the examination well and liked the questions very much, hence the cut off is not likely to go much higher at this time.


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